Training in Jungian Analysis

training in jungian analysisPAJA is offering comprehensive training in Jungian analysis for individuals interested in clinical application of analytical psychology.

The training consists of two levels – basic and advanced – structured as a series of weekend seminars with both theoretical and clinical parts.

The First Level training is in the closed group of maximum 12 participants.This part is being taught by two teachers. It consists of the series of 15 seminars (1,5 year) designed to cover the basic introduction into the main areas of analytical psychology. Each of the seminars is devoted to the specific topic, with lectures and clinical illustrations. At the certain point participants also have a chance to share and discuss their own clinical material.

The Second Level training is connected with the so-called Individual Route which is the way of registering oneself as an individual candidate towards the certification with the International Association for Analytical Psychology. It consists of the series of 18 seminars in the course of 3 years, taught by the visiting certified Jungian Analysts, members of the IAAP.

Both parts are meant to provide a thorough theoretical preparation for  the certification as a Jungian analyst. In the course of the IAAP Individual Route, this must be complemented individually with required amount of personal experience (personal analysis) and supervision of candidate’s clinical work with an authorized Jungian analyst-supervisor.

The theoretical part of the training training in Jungian analysis is also recognized by the Polish Psychiatric Association towards the psychotherapeutic licence in Poland.

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