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„Jungian Psychoanalysis: Working in the Spirit of C.G. Jung”

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jungian psychoanalysis

Jungian Psychoanalysis: Working in the Spirit of C.G. Jung. Stein, M. (Ed.) Open Court Publishing Company: Chicago, Ill.   Jungian Psychoanalysis, edited by Murray Stein, is probably the best contemporary compilation on the subject available. It is an excellent illustration of the complexity and diversity in modern clinical applications of C. G. Jung’s analytical psychology, tracing

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„Trauma and the Soul” – Donald Kalsched

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Trauma and the Soul: A Psycho-Spiritual Approach to Human Development and its Interruption Donald Kalsched[1] wydawnictwo: Routledge, kwiecień 2013       In Trauma and the Soul, Donald Kalsched continues the exploration he began in his first book, The Inner World of Trauma— this time going further into the mystical or spiritual moments that often occur

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