XIX Congress for Analytical Psychology

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XIX Congress for Analytical Psychology

XIX Congress for Analytical Psychology

100 Years on: Origins, Innovations and Controversies

August 18-23, 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark



XIX Congress for Analytical Psychology takes place every three years. It is a great opportunity to meet for Jungians all over the world. In the past it took place in Barcelona, Cape Town, Montreal. This year it is located in our neighborhood – Copenhagen. The Congress is an important event for the structure and dynamic of the Jungian world, since it is there that new analysts are accepted to the International Association for Analytical Psychology. This year’s Congress is particularly important for us, since three members of Polish Association for Jungian Analysis will be voted IAAP Individual Members.

The Congress for Analytical Psychology is always long awaited and celebrated, but this year the celebration is especially meaningful. 2013 honors one hundred years of development in analytical psychology. On this particular occasion interesting lectures, workshops and presentations are planned, to demonstrate diversity and richness of Jungian thought. Among many others, we will have the possibility to see and listen to  Andrew Samuels, Allan Guggenbühl, Erel Shalit, Gustav Bovensiepen. In the break-out session on Monday two members of our group, Krzysztof Rutkowski and Malgorzata Kalinowska, will discuss the influence of cultural trauma on the dynamic of collective memory, within the  contemporary phenomena and in the context of Polish social and clinical reality.

Marion Woodman

Marion Woodman

XIX Congress for Analytical Psychology  will start with the Body workshop prepared by the Joan Chodorow team. Other well known Jungian that will indirectly be present with us is Marion Woodman, as on Wednesday evening we will have a opportunity to watch the film: On the Feminine. Marion Woodman in a talk with Ingela Romare.

Each day of the Congress will start with morning session of Social Dreaming Matrix. There are also numerous presentations by publishers and poster sessions planned. A number of lectures and presentations will focus on C. G. Jung’s „The Red Book”. They will discuss richness of its imagery and ways of  interpretation.

The Red BookWe invite all interested in latest and forthcoming books and information about Congress events  to visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter. In the first Autumn issue there is going to be a special section dedicated to Congress news and reflections.


More information about the Copenhagen Congress can be four here…





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